False Hope

Rick: So what’s this about a human dilemma?

Aldi: I don’t think you will like to hear this.

Rick: Try me.

Aldi: Humans believe things that are not true and they pursue things they can never have.

Rick: Like what?

Aldi: I heard a new mother say her child might grow up to be the president. The eligibility age for U.S. presidents is thirty-five years. The oldest man ever elected was sixty-nine years old. That is a thirty-four year window of opportunity. Even if each president served only one term of four years, that means each person has nine chances for election during their life. There are over three hundred million people living in the United States. Even if only half of those are eligible…

Rick: Okay, I get your point. You know, most parents who say that don’t really believe it will happen. New parents like to dream big for their kids.

Aldi: I heard a man on television say that anyone can achieve anything if they will only believe and have faith. I heard a young popular singer say that anyone can realize their dreams if they want it enough and never give up. That isn’t true.

Rick: People do achieve great things. People do realize their dreams.

Aldi: Yes, but do you really think all it takes is desire, belief, and perseverance? What about ability, practice, hard work, sacrifice, and the right opportunity? Even with all that, most humans give up childhood dreams to the reality of adult life on this planet. Is it honest to say they simply did not want it enough or they gave up too soon?

Rick: I see what you’re saying. But people who say those things are trying to be encouraging. They’re just trying to help.

Aldi: I do not believe false hope is helpful. It is a symptom of the human dilemma.

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