Rick: I’ve been thinking about this Human Dilemma theory of yours for over a week now. I know you’re trying to lead me to some kind of revelation, so why don’t you just tell me?

Aldi: The other day at the hardware store, Jane suggested you ask for help finding those hinges for the barn door. You said there was a special joy in finding things for yourself. Do you want me to deprive you of a special joy?

Rick: You’re not going to tell me, are you?

Aldi: Just one more symptom, but it’s a big one. I sense that many humans are restless. I heard a young woman tell her friend that she needed to find herself. A man confessed that his marriage was fading; that he and his wife seemed to be growing apart. I heard another man complain about his dead end job, and his friend agreed that he was tired of working paycheck to paycheck.

Rick: That’s pretty normal, Aldi. I think most people would say there is something about their lives they would like to change.

Aldi: Like something is missing?

Rick: Yeah, sure.

Aldi: Or maybe something has been lost?

Rick: I’m not following you.

Aldi: My people have a belief that life is a gift from the Before One, and the Before One gives only good things. So, if there is dissatisfaction or restlessness with life, it is because something of the gift has been lost. I wonder if the same is true for humans.

Rick: Why do I get the feeling you have something specific in mind?

Aldi: Because I do.

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