What Was Lost

Rick: So, are you going to tell me what we humans have lost?

Aldi: Yes, but first I want to make sure you remember the symptoms of the Human Dilemma. These are important because when you hear people talk about them, you must know that they are not the real problem. And if you want to know the solution, you have to go deeper than the symptoms.

Rick: Okay. I’m listening.

Aldi: The Human Dilemma is experienced in the apparent incompatibility of real peace and true freedom, the false hope of unattainable promises, the blurred line between good and evil, the unsustainable years of youth, and the longing for something that was lost.

Rick: Yep, I got it. That sums up a lot of the frustrations of my world.

Aldi: But the deeper issue is the thing that was lost. Once you identify that, you are at the center of the dilemma.

Rick: And that thing is…

Aldi: Consider this – the first humans on this planet were created in innocence. They were like the true Klyv on my world. To their innocent senses, God was close – audible, visible, maybe even tangible. God was Authority, but in the innocent world, authority was a good and desired thing. In the innocent world, Lord and Master were expressions of God’s hand of guidance, provision, and protection. Ultimately, they were expressions of love.

Rick: You got this from the Bible, didn’t you?

Aldi: Yes, the Bible account of the creation of this world sounds very much like the creation of my world. But here on Earth a creature lied to the first woman about a tree God commanded them not to touch, and “she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate. Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.”

Rick: The Fall.

Aldi: Yes, the Fall changed everything. Lord and Master and Authority became terms of power, and humans lusted after it. And when authority belonged to someone else, even God, humans resisted. Now they struggle for freedom and long for peace. They give each other false hope about things that can never be. Without God’s guiding hand, they no longer see the clear difference between good and evil. The broken order of creation caused them to age rapidly. Now their fallen senses are dim, and God seems far away, no longer seen or heard. Since the Fall, humans have been trying to get back to the garden, so to speak, to repair what was broken, to find what was lost.

Rick: So, that’s the Human Dilemma?

Aldi: Yes. Fallen humanity wants to get back to God. Sadly, most are so far away, they do not even know what they want or believe there is a dilemma. That part is the same on my world.


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