“A down-to-earth novel about aliens! Michael Gunter has written a smart, fun and entertaining novel that’s full of heart.” — Marjorie Preston (author, editor, and columnist for Beach Reads)

“An almost perfect blend of the familiar and the exotic…a story that will force you to choose between reading and sleep.” — James L. Grieme (pastor, avid reader)

“I didn’t expect a sci-fi book to touch me, to move me to tears, or to speak to me about the strength of relationships, trust, faith, and loyalty.” — Nancy (a reader from Texas)

“I have to admit that I wasn’t an avid sci-fi reader, but after reading BLACKWELL, I’m hooked!” — Char (a reader from Virginia)

“Like reading C. S. Lewis and Tolkien with a little Baldacci thrown in.” — Harry & Barbara (readers from Florida)

One response to “Reviews

  1. Fred and Lulu

    Blackwell is captivating from the very beginning of the book. So much so that I read it twice. Michael made the story and the characters very real and believable. We look forward to more Blackwell adventures.
    – Fred and Lulu
    ( long time avid fans from out west )

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